What are casino bonus scams?

If you want to play online casino games just because the online gambling clubs offer bonus then you are looking only at one side of a coin. You could sign up with a club that has no customer centric policy and that works only for profit. You will be offered high amount in bonus but in reality you get nothing.

Let’s see how casinos do bonus scams

1# $500 are provided in bonus but gamblers are allowed to spend only a fraction of the amount. The bonus is divided into four equal parts and the gamblers are asked to spend each part after playing for some time with their money. You will get a high amount in bonus but you would need spending your money before claiming the bonus.

2# Bonus is restricted to selected games. The casino might have a number of games to offer but it could restrict use of free gambling to only a few games like slots. Also, the club could keep the most popular and the most entertaining games out of bonus.

3# Bonus could be in the form of free spins. You will be offered $500 but the money would be in free gaming. For instance, you could play slots and other selected games for free but you won’t get cash to spend. The Malaysia online casino would keep a tab over the free money by restricting use of money.

4# The club could promise covering your losses. You will play freely without worrying about any loss as the club would take responsibility of covering your losses. But there could be conditions over recovery of losses.

5# There could be separate games for free gaming. These games could be outdated and dis interesting but the games would be free. If you are looking for free gaming then you could get dis interesting games for free playing.

6# You could be asked to deposit a certain amount in your gambling account. The casino would credit bonus only when you deposit money from your bank account to gambling account. And the club could ask to deposit an equal amount in your gambling account.

7# The casino could give you freedom to play and win with bonus but there could be strict restrictions on withdrawing winnings of bonus. The casino would discourage you from withdrawing your winnings. It can also be said that the club could force you to keep playing.